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The new golf social network, designed to drive club performance.

With MemberMatch’s social networking features you can recruit new members, attract non and social members, retain current members and increase sales. MemberMatch’s unique matching technology connects golf club members and provides Managers and Operators with essential data insights to help you manage member’s loyalty and maximise your profits at the same time.

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What can MemberMatch® do for your club?

Improve your club’s retention

Focus on retaining existing members first, rather than spend 5-7 times more on recruiting new members.

Identify at-risk members

2 out of 3 members leaving your golf club are doing so for reasons you can prevent – this is where MemberMatch® helps your club improve retention.

Increase sales

Your members will be encouraged to play more golf and spend more time at the club. This can help increase spend in all areas – food and beverage and the pro shop.

Data-driven decision making

All member data is recorded for analysis by our algorithms, giving you new and ongoing insights into your memberships habits. All this data enables informed and more accurate decision making.

Upsell part-time members

Convert social and part-timers to 5 and 7 day members.

Attract new members

Based on their own ability, interests and availability, give your prospects temporary access to the member's app to see how they would fit in to your club.

Nurture new members

New members get introduced to existing members through the member's app and you can track their activity to ensure they’re being fully integrated into your club. This quickly builds loyalty and the possibility of retention.

Improve member satisfaction and loyalty

Stronger social integration in your club will increase member satisfaction, thus increasing member retention.

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More targeted & responsive communication

Use the data from the member's app to define member’s personal interests and release more targeted and relevant messaging, marketing, promotions and events.

What is MemberMatch?

Your members are provided with an intuitive mobile phone app, which uses our unique matching algorithms to encourage them to play more golf, widen their social circle, spend more time at the club and maximise their membership experience. In the background, the app collects essential membership data. This can then be used by the management and pro shop, to help make many key business decisions.

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Further benefits

Communicate on a mobile platform that your members use up to 40 times a day

Push notify your members, invite them to join competitions and events at your club.

Connecting members

Our extensive matching algorithm connects members based on their individual profile and interests. This encourages members to socialise more often and play more golf.

Increase utilisation of the club and pro shop

Members spending more time at the club, means more spend in the shop, bar and restaurant.

Promote competitions & events

The club diary displays all golf and social events. Members can join in just a few taps. No more sending generic emails!

Targeted event promotions

Invite the members and guests that fit the event profile. Reach out to the people that actually want to come and have fun.

Tee yield management

Gain early visibility on player attendance so that the correct slots can be allocated. More importantly, unused tee slots can be released to other members.

Develop stronger social bonds

Members will meet new people and bond over their shared personal interests beyond just golf.

MemberPLUS+ Technology

Our unique matching algorithm and software provides value to your members and valuable data to your Club Manager in the form of an insights dashboard. The member app is easy to download, use and is designed for both Android and iPhone.


Our platform is cloud-based and managed entirely by us. It requires no additional infrastructure, or maintenance by your club.

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